A Simple Walk Can Teach Reactive Dogs How to Make Friends and Help Owners Find the Support They Need

De valkuil van het hebben van een reactieve hond is het hem weghouden van andere honden. Maar op die manier wordt het alleen maar erger!

Two years ago, Alyssa Michnick and a group of shelter volunteers were faced with a reactive dog conundrum. You see, any individual dog of any breed or mix can be reactive. Through training, these dogs can become less reactive. A key part of that involves walking with other dogs – which brings us to the conundrum. Some people judge dogs they perceive as “pit bull” dogs differently than they would another reactive dog. They don’t view that dog as an individual. For that reason, Alyssa and her group had trouble finding people who would walk with reactive “pit bull” dogs.

resq 3 Source: NoVa Pets Alive!

According to Alyssa, that compounds the isolation reactive dog owners feel. That isolation negatively impacts the dogs, because it can make owners feel like they have no options to help their dog.

“When there isn’t a group that’s accepting, owners tend to do the opposite of…

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