Dear Backyard Breeders

Op Facebook vind je verschillende pagina’s en groepen over deze Toadline Bullies. Ik hoop met heel mijn hart dat deze lijn nooit in NL toegestaan of geïmporteerd gaat worden, of dat iemand hier iets dergelijks gaat “ontwikkelen”.
Dierenleed in een walgelijke vorm.

Scribbles, Quotes & Cognitive Musing

Do you see this dog? You have destroyed this dog. This dog is incapable of doing anything- it can barely hold itself up much less walk.

It’s disgusting how proud you are of your backyard breeding project. It’s disgusting and it should be criminal. I have no issue with responsible & ethical breeders, it’s those breeders that work to better their breeds of choice but these back yard breeders…

These backyard breeders are a infection, a virus in the dog community. You heard me, if you are a backyard breeder- you are a cancer and you need to be cut out.

I get it- these dogs are your cash cows, they pay your rent, buy you fancy crap and a claim to fame. Everything you have is because you have your dogs pump out litter after litter of inbred mutations that will never have a chance at life because you’ll…

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